the OG bestie is back!

Say hello to your biz bff.

The avo to your toast.
The Thelma to your Louise.
The servers to your Facebook.
Your ride or die.

Here to hold your hand in business, dress you in your SheEO pants,
and help you nail your marketing, branding, and strategy for a sweet af 2022.

This is the PERFECT starting point for anyone who feels lonely, overwhelmed or stuck in business right now!

Be surrounded by a community of likeminded people who just get it.
Not only are you apart of a community but you will receive expert advice,
workbooks and resources to find and keep your dream customers and take your biz to the next level!

If you have been looking for a sign of what to do next, this is it!

Is it a course? Is it a workshop?
No, it's a frickin' community, baby!

And just like a community does, we're here to back you, listen to you and support you in every way we can.

Access to industry experts, women in business across all stages and resources that you can use at any stage you're at!

No more trying to explain your ideas to your hubby, ask advice from those who aren't in business and just feeling stuck. This is the key to feeling unstuck in business!

P.S. It's not just a bunch of people in a Facebook group either!

We know how amazing but also how overwhelming Facebook groups can be. The OG is exactly that, the group you are a part of, are heard and supported.

A community where you have access to resources each month that are going to help you take your biz to the next level and attract and keep your dream customers!


The OG Bestie is the place you go to feel unstuck in biz!


Action that’ll get you to where you want to be.

Action that sprinkles your donuts.

Action that propels you forward.


It’s a structured, group membership where you’ll learn invaluable skills and strategies via,
live Q&As, interactive workbooks, and an exclusive Facebook community of like-minded business besties.

The OG Bestie has been established to be the starting point for those who want a
business, brand or marketing coach but can't quite invest heavily right now.

The OG Bestie is here to hold your hand, help you feel supported and give you the tools you need to take your biz to the next level!

So what do we cover?


Each month you will get a detailed workbook that covers a huge variety of brand and marketing essentials including customer journey, strategy, campaign planning, brand clarity and so much more!

Content Planning

Receive an editable monthly plan full of ideas on what you can post each month including blog ideas, socials, reels and story prompts!

Facebook Group & Zoom Call!

Have access to our high vibe Facebook group AND monthly live Q&A session for you to pick our brains and have your questions answered!



We officially kick off on 16th May! The Facebook group will open and the first workbook will go out!


The Q&A session will happen once a month for up to 90minutes via Zoom.


The OG bestie has been developed to be a more affordable option than our 1:1 coaching and Biz Bestie Bootcamp,
therefore the one monthly Q&A session is the best opportunity to get the 1:1 support whilst our
Facebook group will have our team actively involved answering your questions.
If you want more 1:1 support then consider our coaching programs or the Biz Bestie Bootcamp.

Get to know us
Known as The Business Bestie, Complete St is here to help no matter
what stage of biz ownership you're at.
Whether you're an established business or about to launch,
we've got the knowledge and solutions to help you create a
thriving brand people can't get enough of.
About Jess
Jess jumps head-first into your business as if it's her own, and has a
knack of making sense of all those beautiful ideas buzzing around in your brain.
She's your biz bestie, your mentor, your sounding board, your brand bae.

Throughout the membership, you will have access to the live group calls hosted by Jess where you can ask your burning questions!



Ready to have your own Biz Bestie?


$59 per month, no lock in contract

$49 per month, 3 month agreement + bonus month

$44 per month, 6 month agreement + bonus 2 months

Sign up now and save over $100!

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