The first of it's kind.  

 It's not a course.  

 It's not a workshop. 

 It's the support you need.

It's the thing that will back you, support you and cheer you on when you need it most.  

 Be guided by a team of marketing, branding and customer journey experts that live and breathe small business.

introducing: unstuck... Biz Bestie Edition. 

What is it? 

 A 4 week group program that is focused on planning for key periods of the year, starting with...  CHRISTMAS! 

For those of you who have put that word in the 'too hard' basket - we're hearing you, but we also are supporting you through weeks of endless support, ideas, resources and live Q&A sessions to get you planned and actioning your plan by the end of the 4 weeks. 

Ready?!    --   Thought so!

so how does it work?

We have 4 weeks, with each week having a key focus. 


week one

Masterclass on planning. We give you a tool to use to plan out your product launches, collabs, content ideas, marketing activities and create a to-do list to get actioned. 



We have a check-in and accountability session where we have a live Q&A to make sure everyone is on track, we help you 'unstick' any roadblocks and get you one step closer to being organised!



Masterclass on customer journey: We take you through how to map out your customer journey, how are you retaining customers, how are you gaining new customers, how and why are they coming to you, what's the buying experience like - and everything in between!


week four

 Another check-in and Q&A. This week is focusing on wrapping up your plan, making sure you have ticked all the boxes, have a clear way forward and not leaving any i's undotted and t's uncrossed. 

You will also get: 

• Detailed workbooks each week 

• A supportive Facebook community to lean on in between the calls (and even after the 4 weeks is up!)

 • Live Q&A 

• Masterclasses

who is it for?

Any product or service based business that wants to maximise on the Christmas period and is feeling overwhelmed, unsure where to start, what to do and needs that support and encouragement, accountability and expertise to guide in the right direction. 

what's the cost?

The cost is $218.90 as a one off fee or you can pay weekly fee of $54.72 for 4 weeks.

when are the calls?

he calls will be either on a Monday or Tuesday night at 8pm AEST They will be recorded so if you aren't able to make the call no stress, we got your back!