What’s a style guide?

A style guide is an essential asset to your brand! It is a unique document that creates a set of ‘rules’ to follow when creating content and messaging for your brand. It allows your brand to be recognised easily. It’s a document that WILL save you so much time and energy. A document that can be handed to your VA, suppliers, stockists etc and you have full confidence that the right colours, fonts and logos will be used.

Think about some of the most recognisable brands that you love. Chances are you have learnt to identify them through their visual and written messaging. This is because these brands have established consistency with their audience and taught them to recognise the content they create through visual cues. This is done through the use of a brand style guide.

In order for your brand to be identifiable to your audience you need to establish a similar level of consistency across your brand. 

At every touch point that your audience has with you they should be experiencing your brand personality. This means that when you are producing content for your audience you need to:
Show up with the same visual language (colours, key messages, fonts, icons etc). 

Using a style guide is a simple way to begin building your brand, leave an impression with your audience and make yourself recognisable in your industry. 

Your style guide can be digital or a printed booklet, either way it holds all of the important design features of your brand. Having a document that details your style makes it a million times easier to keep your business “on brand”. 

If you aren’t quite sure what you need in your style guide or how to get one, don’t panic - we are going to dive into the details!

Think of this is a guideline or framework of your brand look and feel. The key essentials include:


It is common knowledge that a business needs a logo. There is huge potential to create visual recognition with your audience using your logo.
However you do need more than one! 

It is important that your logo is adaptable for all types of content. To achieve flexibility you will need one detailed logo and a couple of sub logos i.e. logo for social media, a logo for when you can only print one colour etc. There needs to be consistency between them but your sub logos can be used on things like packaging or social media content. 



Your brand colours are important! Creating a consistent colour scheme gives you the opportunity to stand out and to dictate the overall vibe and voice of your brand. 

You may have a primary set of colours and a secondary set. Each needs to include the hex code and pantone numbers. 


Font aspiring is a huge part of creating a style guide. We recommend 3 different types of font. One for headings, subheadings and body copy. Each font is displayed with its name and an example of what the text looks like. 

When we make a style guide we also include a draft layout of social media templates, patterns, email templates and packaging designs so that you can see your entire brand on one page .

When you are creating a brand style guide it is so important to consider the messaging you want to send out around your business. Think about what you want your audience to feel when they think about your brand. 


There are so many tools available when creating a style guide but my advice is to speak to someone who can help you through it.

Brainstorm what you want your brand to look and feel like to your customers and work from there. 

Already have a logo that you love, but want consistency and a way to stand out? Consider our ‘Bring Your Own Logo’ package to get a freshen up!