The Ultimate Rebrand Launch Checklist!

So it's time to take your business to the next level with a rebrand - but unsure what to do next? We break down things to consider to ensure it's as smooth as possible! 
One of our most frequently asked questions when working on a rebrand is “how do I launch this to my community?’
We have compiled some of our top tips for you to consider when launching the rebrand of your dreams!
Number 1: Keep your audience in the loop!
It can be an excellent time to spark conversation and exchange value with your audience. You can ask them if they have any questions and use this time to establish yourself and your new direction. 
You can give some sneak peeks into letting your audience know a change is coming!
Number 2: Share the WHY behind the rebrand.
When you make the decision too rebrand, let your customers/audience know. Use it as an opportunity to reintroduce yourself, your business and your values! 
Number 3: Make it an event!
Celebrate the change!  Host an event to get your audience just as excited. This doesn’t need to be in person either - get creative and invite all your community to participate in an online event.
Consider what type of promotion might work for you:
  • A launch celebration such as a giveaway collaborating with complimentary businesses and accounts. 
  • Holding a sale to celebrate the change!
  • Launch by closing your website and creating hype around the new branding with a grand opening.
  • Host a virtual event with goodies, games and prizes! 
Number 4: Don’t rush your launch! 
Give yourself enough time to do your launch! You want to generate buzz with your new look! Map out a plan to:
  • Tell your audience
  • Keep them in the loop with sneak peaks
  • Reintroduce your brand and connect with your audience
  • Make it an event
  • Launch the new look consistently by updating all of your platforms
If you are feeling a bit stuck with your upcoming launch why not book in a free strategy call!