planning your customer journey.

Do you have your customer journey mapped out?

Do you know the exact process your audience interacts with you to achieve their desired goal, whether that be buy, connect, collaborate, download etc from you?

If you don't have it mapped out or aren't 100% certain as to the exact process, this blog is for you!

Knowing your customer's journey will help you take your business to new levels!

What are the stages of a customer journey?

There are 4 main stages of the customer journey:

1. Awareness: This is the very first stage that your product / service is discovered by a prospect. This is where you want them to like your post, follow your page, save content etc. It's all about educating them on who you are, why you do what you do and HOW you solve their pain points!

2. Consideration: Now that they are aware you exist and what you do, they will start to consider your product as well as your competitors. Be sure that you are educating your audience on your points of difference. Consider setting up a lead magnet to build trust, taking them off your socials and/or website and get you appearing in their emails! Give them value that will set you apart and give them proof that they need your product!

3. Purchase: Your ideal audience has been made aware you exist, done their research and chosen your product / service over others - PLEASE make it easy for them to buy / connect with you. Make sure it's super simple i.e. Buy Now, Shop on Instagram / Facebook, Book Now with a simple form etc. You want to eliminate the abandon carts so now's the time to review your purchase process and ensure it's easy!

4. Re-Purchase: Woohoo! You have got your dream client, they've purchased from you and love your product / service. BUT! It doesn't stop there. Get them coming back, talking to their friends, becoming a vocal brand ambassador by staying in touch. This can either be through email marketing, incentives / referral processes and connecting via social media. Whatever you do, remember to stay in touch with your past customers!