Mother's Day Planning

Need some inspiration for your Mother’s Day marketing?

With Mother’s Day around the corner we thought we would share some of our favourite marketing campaigns that you can draw some inspiration from. 

Mother’s Day is about so much more than just chocolate and flowers and each of these videos really nails the sentiment behind Mother’s Day and what it means for a diverse range of people. 

Pandora 2022 

Stockland 2018  

Body Shop 2021 

Nivea 2017 

Teleflora 2019 

We understand that not everyone is in a place in their business that they can run a large-scale campaign like these ones but we are pretty confident that you will be able to get some ideas that will WOW your dream customers!

If you are still looking for some key ideas to engage your customers you might consider:

  • A giveaway
  • A challenge 
  • Collaborating with businesses in your niche
  • Gift packs or promotions


So what do you need to do?

  1. Understand your dream clients! Do some research within your niche. How will your product WOW mums or make their lives easier?
  2. Nail your messaging. Once you know who you are targeting, understand the messaging they will respond to. Why is your dream customer buying your product for their mum?
  3. Choose your campaign, will you be running a sale, a giveaway, advertising a promo code, producing a gift guide etc. 
  4. Choose your channels. Where will you be advertising your campaign? Consider: your website, social media, email, influencer marketing, Google or Facebook Ads etc. What 
  5. Analyse your sales & marketing from last year. Determine what worked well and how you could improve.
  6. Plan your content! Have your captions, images, posts and campaigns ready in advance.

Don’t forget to track your campaign and the results!

And as our gift to you we have prepared some social media graphics you can download here for free! 


Mother's day social templates
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