Free Social Media Templates

When it comes to posting on social media, consistency is key!

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In the meantime here a four points to consider when planning your social media.

1. Trust Posts

This is content you will create to build trust with your audience. Think of these posts as an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors, it's about and build a personal connection with your audience.


2. Value and Knowledge:

Knowledge driven content is about giving value to your audience! Think education and information, tips & tutorials that involve your products or services. For example if you're a product business, you could offer some industry tips or show your audience how to use your product. For service businesses, this is all about tutorials and educating within your niche.


3. Community:

Build your community and involve them in your content! These posts should encourage conversation. Try asking for feedback or getting them to name a product.


Mixing up your content means you aren't constantly selling to your audience - let's face it, nobody likes being sold to!