Brand, Branding & Brand identity

One of our most common questions is "what is the difference between my brand and my branding?"

If you are looking for a quick definition to help you determine the difference - your brand is emotional and your branding is a marketing tool. These two terms are not one and the same so let's take a closer look and explore how you can get clear in your brand and your branding.



Essentially your brand is a promise to your customers.

When you create a brand your aim is to cultivate the perception you want your audience to have!

Basically, your brand is WHAT feeling you want someone to have with your business. 

Your brand is the unique emotional connection that you establish with your customers, that ultimately determines brand loyalty and builds your reputation.

Really, when it comes down to it, brands are all about feelings. When you create a brand it is important to do it in a meaningful way. Creating an experience that differentiates who you are. This makes it powerful to the people who interact and resonate with it.

This is what makes you stand out!


“Brands are essentially patterns of familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exist in the minds of people.”— Tom Goodwin



Your branding is the steps you take to create your brand. Branding is every single touch point from the obvious of your logo, colours and fonts through to your store front, your DM’s, your emails, your website, your packaging - every.single.touchpoint! 

It’s essentially HOW you are creating the feeling you want someone to have with your business. 

When you are creating your branding you are implementing your greatest marketing tool!

It is a fundamental component in gaining exposure and standing out.

Your branding is the first impression your audience will get and so you need to understand what feeling you want your ideal audience to have and how can you create that feeling.

Consistency is key! 


So now that we have a basic understanding of brand and branding let me ask you these 3 questions...

  • What feeling do you want someone to have with your brand?
  • How are you creating that feeling?
  • Ask your audience what words come to mind when they think of your business.
  • Is everything consistent?

If you are unclear about any of these points, let's make it a priority to fix that. Depending on where you are at in your business journey, explore your brand options or book a free discovery call to map out a clear vision for the future of your brand.