10 things to consider when creating your branding!

Now that we have outlined the difference between brand and branding (Check it out here if you missed it) Let’s talk about the things you need to consider when you start to develop or overhaul your branding. 

Your branding is your biggest asset when it comes to your marketing, you really want to have a well crafted understanding of what it is that makes up your brand identity. Who, What, Why!

You want to maintain a connection with your audience and to do that you need to build a brand they can identify with. 

The relationship between audience and brand is built on that connection. Your audience wants to feel understood. 

That is why understanding who your dream customer / client is, what problem you are solving and what feeling you want someone to have when they interact with your brand is key to developing a strong, quality and stand out brand.


Your branding is so much more than a logo, pretty font and a nice colour palette. Your brand is what your audience's perception is when they see or experience your business. Your branding is HOW you get your audience to get this feeling. 

If you are unclear on whether your branding is working for or against you, take a look at the below considerations:

  1. Who is your dream customer?
  2. What problem do you solve?
  3. What are your dream customers pain points?
  4. What is your brand message/tone of voice? (playful, bold, confident)
  5. How do you want your customers to feel throughout their experience with you?
  6. What makes you different and sets you apart during the customer experience?
  7. How well does your style guide (logo, font etc.) communicate your brand?
  8. Are you consistent in your interactions with your audience?
  9. How are you disrupting the market?
  10. Is your branding reflecting the feeling you want someone to have when interacting with your brand?

The goal is to have every customer turn into a brand ambassador! 

If you feel unsure about your own brand identity after running through the questionnaire it’s time to explore your branding. Better yet let’s talk it through and make a plan! 

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